Mu Lung Dojo is coming soon…

So have you already heard of the new Mu Lung School patch? It was added in KMST 1.2.163 and now KMST 1.2.166 and 1.2.167 showed up means that they’re adding the last pieces together.
Mu Lung Dojo is a dojo where you can fight bosses, after you defeated one a boss will drop all kind of power-ups, buffs and potions. They also give you EXP and some points.

Points are required if you want a Belt, the Belts are new and there are 5 colors of it (white, yellow, blue, red and black!). The black Belt gives the most stats (+5 to all and 15 Avoidability), however you need 17,000 points to get it!! That is insane, most stages in KMST right now give around 1-7 points so i hope they adjust that when it comes to the official server.

Not to mention, KMST round 4 will start soon, it would be awesome if i got in. They will announce the people who got in soon. Because the raffle will end in 2 days.
I will post if i got in or not, i got declined in round 2 and 3. :(

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3 Responses to Mu Lung Dojo is coming soon…

  1. NarutoMyth says:

    lulz first comment xD but ummm lawl da dojo thing was out like 5 months ago in GMS so idk wat ur talkin about 0_o

  2. opo says:

    spadow made this post in september 2008, when no one knew what was going on with the mu lung dojo.
    dont comment on old posts.
    if you want to, check the date first.

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