Level 75!

So I finished my last 30% at the Prehistoric Boars, they are located in Ellin Forest wich is the past of Ellinia Forest, but you can’t click on any NPC in Ellin Forest except for the Potion Shop guy wich is annoying because I was hoping for some new kick-ass quests!

Anyway, I leveled up to 75 and I got three new quests: 1 from Leafre and 2 from Magatia.
I went to Magatia on my way to Stan to accept his quest, which was an upgrade to Maker skill Lv. 2 and it was very easy actually… I had to get one Lv. 71~80 C monster crystal.

I quickly created one, and finished that quest. An upgrade to Lv. 2 and 230,000 EXP isn’t too bad. My EXP rose from 6% to 14% and this is only one quest!

Now I’m heading to Philia to accept my 2nd (Lv. 75) Magatia quest, and her quest is very long.. >_>
I hope I will finish the quest by tonight.

PS: Here’s my LV 75 screenshot!

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15 Responses to Level 75!

  1. shrapnelhp says:

    hey you used the same image in your banner as me! XD

  2. mrbasil says:

    Hi Spadow, thanks for the informative blog. How can one reach you via email?

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  4. Lionheart3655 says:

    Happy first post XD

  5. David Sim says:


  6. Metallis says:

    Brawler = epic.

  7. Ibuki says:

    Grats on your 2 years anniversary Spadow!
    It’s because of the detailed and exclusive information you provide that keeps people coming back for more.
    Keep up the great work and hope you continue blogging for many years to come!

  8. Beto22 says:

    Gratz Spadow on 2 Years you are so useful *-*

  9. xxarchxx says:

    …looking back at this now after this blog has ended…. :,(

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