Finally done…

So i’m finally done with the long quest of Philia, it was long but it reveals the secret of Magatia! Although i already knew the secret about Magatia and the Black Magician.. I can’t go in further details, or else i would spoil it for you. So when Global is getting Magatia be sure to do those quests because they’re fun and not that hard!

I travelled alot! I forgot to click on an object wich contains the magic arrays in the Black Magician’s Lab, so yeah… It was time-consuming and THAT wasn’t fun of the whole chain quest. The reward is very nice you get a lot of Fame and the EXP wasn’t too shabby either. At the end of the quest, you have three choices; you can either finish your quest at the Jenumist side or the Alcadno side or you can just talk to Philia and she gives you EXP and Fame, but the other clans give you this Lv. 80 cape. The cape is crap though.

I took some screenshots during this quest, you can find them below this post. I’m off to Leafre because Kumo needs my help!

필리아는 내 사랑 ~ ”I love my Philia”is the password”

”Homunculus’s Blood”

”The entrance of the Black Magician’s Laboratory”

”The reward”

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3 Responses to Finally done…

  1. shrapnelhp says:

    <3 that quest

  2. NarutoMyth says:

    how much fame u get after? thnx and kool xD

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