The first Lv. 200 Dual Blader in KMS ~ 첫사랑2004

The Aran character ‘Kara‘ leveled up to 200 in 68 days. It was impressive to see the speed, however when Evan was released, ‘Slim’ leveled up to 200 in just 47 days!
But with an ultimate attack, you level up faster, right?

Dual Blade was released on February 25th in MapleStory, since then a lot of people have created characters.
After 72 days, a level 200 Dual Blader was born.

Quite surprising, eh? Dual Blade is such a strong and fast job, yet the Evan character is the fastest leveler.
Kara and Slim always trained in mini dungeons and they were with more people who gave them EXP and help.

Speaking of Dual Blade…

Dual Blade can still be created in MapleStory until May 9.
I quickly created one since I had an empty slot left.

Evan is coming to GMS in March!

Evan, the Dragon Master will be coming to GMS in a few weeks. It was MSEA who got Knights of Cygnus and Aran as first outside of Korea.
The English teaser website is the same as the Korean website.

With the teaser website comes an online event, the ”Grow your Dragon” event.
What do you have to do? It’s simple. Once this event is available, you login and you have to create a special HTML code, then you can paste it on different websites and you’ll notice it’s a sort of Flash application.

People can feed your dragon, you can give it one tetris block and a few drinks. You can feed other people’s dragon every 24 hours.
Your dragon can grow to six stages, the more EXP you get, the better your prize is.

When this event ended, I had around 800 EXP and I got five 2x EXP cards and a wand for attack 60% scroll and a dragon equipment.

The Q&A is where members can post questions and people can answer them.

※ Teaser website:

With the release of Evan, there are only a couple of updates to go until Dual Blade. ‘o’
Adventurer’s Return (balancing patch), Dual Raid, Dragon Rider and Golden Temple!

P.S. I uploaded a video of a Lv. 163 Dual Blader.

KMS version 1.2.94 ~ Dual Blade set

Today there was a patch scheduled, it patched everything from the last patch of KMST.
There was a bug with Mirror Imaging.

It was an image bug, it just shows up like that but you actually ‘Miss’. It’s not the real damage.

The new Dual Blade set were added to Cash Shop.

The most expensive Dual Blade set package costs 15,900 won.
It contains all the Dual Blade clothes and as bonus you get a blade and dagger for attack 60% scroll, Owl Chain, Tiger Mount one pair of cosmetic lenses.

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KMST V298 ~ Dual Blade set

Unfortunately not a new area, but there are new Cash Shop items!

What do you get when you combine these items?

+ + + + +

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130 up

Level 130~
I died several times at the Path of Regret in Time Temple… ~_~

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Goodbye February, hello March!

Goodbye February! You were a short month, but you gave us something really cool.
Hello March! Do you think you can handle the big update that’s coming to MapleStory?!

I’ve been doing some  Time Temple quests and it’s going good right now.

It’s a good thing that Final Cut (4th job skill)  was given a cooldown of 100 seconds.
This skill doubles your attack for 60 seconds when it’s maxed.

Chain Hell is a skill similar to Demolition of Viper. You can use this skill only in Dark Sight, when used, it will grab one monster towards you (similar to Snatch) and attack the monster for 12 times. 24 times with Mirror Imaging on.

Sudden Raid. Ah… At level 1 it does not consume a lot of MP, but when it’s maxed it will use 980 MP.
600% damage and attacks 15 monsters. Not bad.

Dummy Effect. You can summon a dummy of yourself only when you have Mirror Imaging on.
Your alternate self will separate and be a dummy.
Monsters will attack the summoned dummy, but your dummy has a certain value of stamina. Once that value has been reached, your dummy will disappear.

This skill works like the Puppet skill of a Ranger.

Two more videos of Dual Blade and this job is limited?

Yesterday Dual Blade was released on the official server. On patch day, Dual Blade was tweaked again.

- Damage of Mirror Imaging  (Shadow Partner) increased from 50% to 60% damage.
– MP consumption of Sudden Raid increased from 470 MP to 980 MP.
– Increased delay of Slash Storm and Bloody Storm.

Before the increased delay of Slash and Bloody Storm, you were practically invisible all the time. But now when you attack with Slash or Bloody Storm, you will get hit by a monster.

When KMS releases a patch, they will post a patch note and a preview.
I looked at the preview of version 1.2.92(Dual Blade) and noticed this image.

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